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The title of Vadim’s project:  Structural studies on the proteins of the peroxisomal proliferation machinery

Vadim is performing structural characterization of proteins involved in peroxisome proliferation. The study focuses on human proteins Mff and Pex11, individually and in complexes with their binding partners. Proteins are being characterized with various biophysical techniques, such as dynamic light scattering, differential scanning fluorimetry and circular dichroism. Protein-protein interactions are quantified using isothermal titration calorimetry to obtain thermodynamic and kinetic binding data. Proteins and their complexes that yield stable and homogeneous samples are used in crystallization screening. The structural information is being complemented by functional data from in vivo experiments in collaboration with the University of Exeter.      

Supervisor: Dr. Matthias Wilmanns (

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Michael Schrader (


Poster presentations:

a.        OEPM2014 conference in Neuss (Germany), 9.-11.9.2014, poster title:
Peroxisomal proliferation: Mff and its interacting protein partners

For further information and interest, please contact:

Vadim Rimsa

EMBL Hamburg c/o DESY

Notkestraße 85

22607 Hamburg



Phone: +49 040 899 02144


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