Experienced researcher Robert Smith: Lifeglimmer, Berlin

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Project description: "In Systems Biology, two modelling approaches are used to get a better understanding of biological systems - the so-called "top-down" and "bottom-up" approaches. PerFuMe is obtaining data that enables us to use both modelling strategies. In the "top-down" approach, genome scale information is obtained that allows us to construct large network visualisations of peroxisome biology. Using the "bottom-up" strategy, temporal information of a few key components in the biological system are obtained in order to construct smaller, more detailed models of the peroxisome that can be scaled up to larger models as more information is obtained. A general problem in Systems Biology is how to place small dynamic models into larger genome scale networks. Using peroxisomes as an example system, my project will be focusing on finding a method to overcome this issue, allowing us to observe how temporal dynamics influence the larger peroxisome network and vice versa."

Supervisor: Vitor Martins dos Santos

Co-supervisor: Barbara Bakker

For further information and interest, please contact:

Robert Smith

Markelstrasse 38

12163 Berlin


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