Early Stage Rerearcher Nicola Bordin, University Pablo de Olavide

The title of Nicola’s project: Development, evaluation and application of Integrative Cell Biology (ICB) pipeline to peroxysomes proteins


Nicola is building a bioinformatics pipeline for structural and functional characterization of peroxisomal proteins. The pipeline collects and merges several tools available for proteins characterization, along with other novel programs developed by the research group. The goal is to obtain a software suite that merges fragmented information obtained through computation and experiments that provides the broadest characterization available for a protein and its role in cell metabolism, its position and relationship among other proteins. The bioinformatics pipeline in available also for PerFuMe members in case they want to characterize a set of proteins of interest.

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Delphine Crappe and Piotr Lisik have defended their thesis


Delphine Crappe and Piotr Lisik have defended their thesis...

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