Early Stage Researcher: Justyna Wroblewska, University of Groningen


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The title of Justyna’s project: Novel components involved in peroxisome proliferation

Justyna will use genetic approaches in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha to identify novel genes involved in de novo peroxisome formation and fission based on the recent observation that blocking both processes of peroxisome proliferation results in a peroxisome-deficient phenotype in this yeast species. The most interesting candidates will be further analyzed for localization and function by established in vivo and in vitro approaches. Justyna will collaborate with a PhD student at the Ruhr University of Bochum on the mechanisms of peroxisome fission (a. o. testing of designed mutations in vivo) and contribute to the isolation and structural analysis of fission proteins during secondments at the EMBL (Hamburg) and Evitra (Stockholm).

Part of the research will be performed at the University of Bochum and at Evitra (Stockholm)

Supervisor: Professor Ida J. van der Klei (i.j.van.der.klei@rug.nl)

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Damien Devos, University of Heidelberg


Poster presentations:

a. OEMP2014 conference in Neuss (Germany), 9.-11.9.2014, poster title: ”Peroxisome fission and inheritance in Hansenula polymorpha pex11 cells”

b. Yesterday Meeting in Utrecht (Netherlands), 6.06.2014, poster title: ”Deletion of PEX11 in the yeastHansenula polymorpha does not result in a complete defect in peroxisome fission and inheritance”

c. PERFUME Kick-off conference in Groningen (The Netherlands), 2.-4.12.2013, poster title: “Novel genes involved in peroxisome proliferation in yeast”

For further information and interest, please contact:

Justyna Wróblewska
University of Groningen,
Molecular Cell Biology
Nijenborgh 7 
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands 
Phone: +31 50 363 5193

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