Experienced researcher Dalia Goldhaber: Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH

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Germany   Mexico

The title of Dalia’s project:  Identification of novel biomarkers for peroxisomal disease

The major role of Dalia Goldhaber will be to establish an analytical platform with a systems biology approach for the identification of novel biomarkers for peroxisomal disorders. Human and plant-derived samples will be obtained from other partners such as UMCG, AMC, UA and UiS and will be further processed and analyzed using large scale statistical analysis for targeted and comprehensive analyses. As a part of the collaboration, the supervision and training of ESRs during the time spent at MDiscoveries will be fundamental for further method improvement, data interpretation and dissemination.

Supervisor: Dr. Nicolas Schauer

For further information and interest, please contact:

Dalia Goldhaber

Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH

Am Mühlenberg 11

14476 Potsdam-Golm


Email: goldhaber@metabolomicdiscoveries.com

Phone: +49 331 951 43881

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